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Paul Rubin, co-owner 
Paul Rubin, co-owner of White Bear Lake Superstore, served a two year term as Co-chair of General Motors National Dealer Council. The Co-chair position is as high as a dealer can rise to within GM’s Advisory Board System.
Being the son of a car dealer, Mr. Rubin first started working the dealership lot when he was only 12. After college and spending some time as a CPA Mr. Rubin returned to the business that he has been with now for 30 years.
Paul Rubin has also served as a:
  • Member of the GMAC National Dealer Advisory Board
  • Past Co-Chairman of the Pontiac – GMC National Dealer Council
  • Past Member of the Hyundai Council
  • Past President of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association
  • Past President of the Twin Cities Auto Dealers Association

We invite you to hear what Paul Rubin has to say about the automotive industry today and in the future through this series of interviews. Please click each link below to hear a unique interview.
Paul Rubin
owner of White Bear Lake Superstore