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Since its founding, GMC has been a proud supporter of the U.S. military and its heroes going all the way back to its support of the U.S. Armed Forces in WWII. Every year, GMC honors military heroes of past and present through its support of foundations, charity work, and through its own employment opportunities and vehicle offerings. To date, GMC has raised more than $8 million to support America’s military heroes.

In general, General Motors works hard every day to support the military and veterans in three key ways: through jobs, vehicles, and homes.

Jobs: GM is committed to providing jobs to veterans who need them. Currently, 5,000 vets work for GM, and the company plans to hire 500 more this year.
Vehicles: GM’s military discount program gives vets access to high-quality vehicles at a reduced cost. This year, GM will be expanding the program to include First Responders.
Homes: GM has partnered with two organizations – the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundations and the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund of Michigan – to build Smart Homes for veterans. The former organization works to build smart, accessible homes to severely-injured service members, while the latter organization provides financial assistance to post-9/11 wounded veterans and their families.

White Bear Lake Superstore is proud to represent a brand so committed to lifting up our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces. We’d like to thank those who are serving and have served in the United States Military for all that you have done to protect our country.

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