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This April, GM furthered its commitment of providing convenient and modern services to Americans by launching a new package delivery service with Amazon. The new service, called Amazon Key In-Car Delivery Service, gives drivers the convenient option of having their Amazon packages delivered straight to their vehicle using Amazon Key. This exciting feature is free for Amazon Prime members who also have an active OnStar® membership, and it will initially launch in 37 American cities.

How Does It Work?

The new service perfectly combines the convenience goals of GM and Amazon, giving over seven million drivers access to this innovative delivery option. Your packages can be delivered directly to your vehicle wherever it may be: at home, at work, or wherever else you’d like. If you live in an apartment building, you can have your package conveniently delivered into the locked safety of your vehicle parked in front of your building. Alternatively, you can have packages delivered to you during the day at work by having them delivered to your car parked in your workplace’s parking lot.

Convenience and Piece of Mind

The service adds no extra delivery time and functions through the Amazon Key app. Simply register your vehicle and select the “In-Car” delivery option during Amazon checkout, and you’re all set. You’ll get a notification when your package is delivered, and the app will assure you that your vehicle has been relocked.

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