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With the Spring season finally upon us, we need to be ready for that rainy spring weather. Here are some tips for driving safely in wet conditions.

Stay Away From Cruise Control

While cruise control is convenient on road trips or long commutes to work, you should stay away from it on rainy days. While using cruise control, your vehicle becomes less responsive because you’re not manually accelerating or decelerating, making it easier to lose traction on wet road surfaces.

Leave Room

You should never follow other vehicles too closely, but it’s even more important to leave distance (at least six seconds) between you and other vehicles on rainy days. That’s because your vehicle’s brakes aren’t as responsive in wet road conditions, increasing your stopping time.

Slow Down

Even if you feel that you have control over your car, accidents are much more likely to happen in the rain when you’re travelling fast. If you’re someone who typically drives 5 mph over the speed limit, reduce your speed to the speed limit or a little under on rainy days.

Gain Control

If you hydroplane, try not to panic! Gain control again by slowly letting your foot off the accelerator and keep your steering straight. If your vehicle begins to spin, follow the spin slowly with the steering wheel. Do not turn away from the spin – this can cause your car to flip.

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